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“I’m new to the plastics industry. The course covered the full gambit from types of bubbles and effects of heating and cooling, to Rheology, screw designs, die designs, and winder technology. Though some of the Rheology was over my head, I have a much better understanding of the terminology. I also have a better understanding of the relationships of temperature, pressure, and rpm and the effects on shear viscosity and how screw and die design incorporate these properties to match best with the resins to be used. This is a class I would like to take again a year from now, after have applied some of this knowledge to what I see in the field. Thanks!”

“Macro’s Barrier Film Seminar covered everything it should, and shows that Macro is very well focused.”


“Thank you for the Barrier Shrink and Non-Shrink Film Technology course offered at NPE 2015! As technical service engineers for a polyethylene supplier, in addition to the need to be knowledgeable on polymer and additive technology, we must be well versed in all manner of extrusion. With the flexible packaging industry continuing to grow in North America, blown and cast coextrusion remains a heavy focus area for our technical group. The course provided practical insight into the technologies behind the latest barrier films and the polymer and film properties critical in their successful extrusion, covering barrier packaging, the double and triple-bubble processes, groove feed extruders, various die designs, and in-depth rheological considerations effectively tying those critical factors to the polymer behavior. The included experimental data, case studies, and enlightening real-time videos of Macro’s glass-walled extruder comparing the effects of various extrusion conditions on melting and mixing efficiency proved useful in reinforcing that connection. The glass-walled extruder itself has to be one of the most powerful methods available for explaining the function of the barrier screw, and this section alone speaks volumes on extrusion optimization. Macro’s expertise was on full display throughout this course, and being able to discuss extruder, die, winding, film, rheology, and troubleshooting questions directly with Macro’s team of designers and engineers was an extremely valuable investment. We would recommend this course to anyone from a new engineer in the film industry to seasoned polymer professionals, as everyone should find something new to take away from the wealth of information and expertise.”


“Macro gave an excellent seminar on polymer foam and film processing. The information they presented shows they are a leader in the extrusion industry. Macro presented everything from extruder and die design to polymer rheology – they shared great info for both beginners and experts. Before the seminar, I was going through some problems with running a new blown film tower. I was able to talk one on one with the presenters and solve some of the problems I have been having. Overall a great experience.”


Polymer Foam and Film Processing
Interactive Technical Seminar
June 8, 2017
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada

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Barrier Shrink and Non-Shrink Film Technology: From Production to Application
Full Day Interactive Technical Seminar

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