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Barrier Shrink and Non-Shrink Film Technology: From Production to Applications



Macro Technology offers a comprehensive full-day course in barrier film production, covering both shrink and non-shrink film applications. Understanding these top extrusion technologies can help you obtain competitive advantages in the rapidly changing marketplace.

Areas Covered

  • Barrier film applications

  • Polymers that are important in barrier films

  • Material properties

  • Polymer processing principles

  • The basic principles of die and screw designs

  • Some troubleshooting guidelines.


Who will benefit

  • process engineers 

  • production technicians 

  • material engineers

  • extrusion managers

  • Anyone involved in film extrusion

Why Should You Attend

  • Obtain an up-to-date view on the latest innovations

  • Gain a better understanding of the equipment and the material in order to cut costs

  • Understand the customers' needs and your competitors' position

  • Improve your company's performance with the latest technologies     


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